Abstract: American and Taiwanese scholars discuss the implications of the massacre of the pro-democracy student protesters at Tiananmen Square by the Red Chinese People's Liberation Army.
Keywords: book review, international, Communist Red Mainland China, Tiananmen Square Massacre.

Title: Aftermath of the 1989 Tiananmen Crisis for Mainland China
Author: Bih-jaw Lin
Publisher: Westview Press
Date Published: January 1992
ISBN: 0813314070
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Part 1 : Ideology

Chapter 1 : Reactionary Modernism in China: Cultural Conservatism and Technical Economism in Communist Ideology and Policy Since June 1989

Chapter 2 : Was Mao Zedong a Revolutionary?

Chapter 3 : Egalitarianism and Class Struggle in the Soviet Union and Mainland China

Part 2 : Party and Politics

Chapter 4 : "Peaceful Evolution": Western Challenges and Peking's Response

Chapter 5 : Structural Political Reform in Mainland China: Before and After Tiananmen

Part 3 : Role of the Military

Chapter 6 : Party Authority and Military Power: Communist China's Continuing Crisis

Chapter 7 : War in the Year 2000: Beijing's Perspective

Part 4 : Social and Legal Reform

Chapter 8 : Ideological Flux and Intellectuals in Mainland China Since 1978

Chapter 9 : Legal Reforms in the Aftermath of Tiananmen Square

Part 5 : Economic Reform

Chapter 10 : Macroeconomic Obstacles to Reform in China: The Role of Fiscal and Monetary Policy

Chapter 11 : The Impact of Tiananmen on the Political Climate of Economic Reform

Chapter 12 : Peking's Economic Reform and Open-Door Policy After the Tiananmen Incident

Chapter 13 : Planning and Politics in Mainland China Since the Massacre

Chapter 14 : Mainland China's Special Economic Zones in 1989: Continuity and Change

Part 6 : Impact on the ROC and Hong Kong

Chapter 15 : Tiananmen's Tremors: The Economic, Political, and Strategic Impact of the Democracy Movement on Taiwan

Chapter 16 : Tiananmen in Hong Kong

Part 7 : Foreign Relations

Chapter 17 : Peking's Foreign Policy in the Shadows of Tiananmen: The Challenge of Legitimation

Chapter 18 : Sino-American Relations in the Wake of the Tiananmen Incident

Chapter 19 : U.S. Foreign Policy Dilemmas: The Case of Post-Tiananmen China

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