Abstract: Another in a series of 'best in class' books on applied computing from the folks at O'Reilly and Associates.
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Title: Year 2000 in a Nutshell
Author: Norman Shakespeare
Editor: Tim O'Reilly
Publisher: O'Reilly
Date Published: July 1998
ISBN: 1565924215
Pages: 314
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Part I: Introduction

Chapter 1: Year-2000 Overview

The Problem
The Solution

Chapter 2: Managerial Considerations for Year 2000 Conversion

Year-2000 Planning

Chapter 3: Legal Issues

Y2K Liability and Risk
Ten Legal Issues

Chapter 4: Master Plan for Year-2000 Conversion Projects

The Seven Stages of a Year-2000 Project
Coding and Conversion
Integration and Testing
Quality Assurance, Migration, and Feedback Reports
Important Factors for Year-2000 Planning

Chapter 5: Technical Considerations

Historical Dates and Leap-Year Theory
File and Database Conversion

Chapter 6: PCs and the Front End

Finding Frontend Problems
Fixing Frontend Problems

Part II: Templates and Worksheets

Chapter 7: Triage

Triage Criteria
Triage Management
Legal Issues
Defending Triage

Chapter 8: Inventory Database Schema

Formal Database Layout
Forms and Questionnaires

Chapter 9: Year-2000 Macro Project Plan Template

Creating a Template

Part III: COBOL Language Reference

Chapter 10: COBOL Reference

COBOL Basics
Declaring Data-Items in COBOL
Declaring Records in COBOL
Arithmetic in COBOL
Iteration Constructs
Selection Constructs
Sequential Files
Writing to the Printer
Sequential File Processing Verbs
Sorting Files
Direct Access Files
Direct Access-File Processing Verbs
COBOL String Handling
Intrinsic Functions
COBOL Sub-Programs
The COBOL Report Writer

Part IV: Date Function Reference

Chapter 11: Date Functions

Reference to Date Functions

Chapter 12: Pseudo-Date Functions

Pseudo-Code Date Functions
Pseudo-Code Supporting Functions

Chapter 13: COBOL Date Functions

Intrinsic (Built-In) Functions
Primary User-Developed Date Functions
COBOL Supporting Functions
COBOL Program Variables

Chapter 14: PL/1 Date Functions

Intrinsic Functions
Primary User-Developed Date Functions
Supporting Functions

Chapter 15: MVS LE Date Functions

Chapter 16: Visual Date Functions

Chapter 17: C Date Functions

Part V: Code Scanners

Chapter 18: Code Scanner Design and Theory

Chapter 19: Visual Basic Code Scanner Prototype

System Function Calls and Events
Output Files

Appendix A: Year 2000 Resources

Year-2000 Vendors
Year-2000 Tools
Year-2000 Testing
Year-2000 Legal Issues
Year-2000 Services
Year-2000 & Embedded Systems
Year-2000 & User Groups


I have taken this program and I highly recommend it to all health-care providers - Orville R. Weyrich, Jr PhD NMD.
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